OXygen XML Editor and XSLT Debugger  v.16

Oxygen is a cross platform XML Editor,XSLT/XQuery Debugger and Schema Editor. Can validate XML, XSD, RNG, DTD, Schematron and XSL. Features XSLT transformation and FOP support, code insight,outliner, SVN Client and native XML Databases support.

EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT Debugger  v.2.1

About EditiX - XML Editor & XSLT DebuggerAn XML/XSLT editor/debugger designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT, XSL-FO, DocBook, SVG or various XML sche


XSLT Tools  v.2.1

The XSLT Tools AppleScript Scripting Addition allows AppleScript to apply XSLT transformations to XML data and to use XPath expressions to extract information information from XML data.

BBEdit XSLT Glossary  v.1.2

BBEdit XSLT Glossary is a XSLT language glossary for the BBEdit text editor on Mac OS 9.

Saxon XSLT and XQuery Processor  v.1.0

The Saxon XSLT and XQuery processor, developed by Michael Kay

Struts XSLT Code Generator  v.0.85

Struts XSLT Code Generator, is an XSLT based code generator for Struts.

Unit Testing Framework - XSLT  v.0.0.8.alpha

Unit Testing Framework - XSLT (UTF-X) is a JUnit extension for testing XSLT stylesheets.

Visio VDX to SVG XSLT Stylesheet  v.1.5

The goal of this project is to develop an XSLT stylesheet for translating Visio VDX (XML) files to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

XSLT-Gallery  v.0.9

This is an XSLT powered gallery system.

XSLT-process - Emacs XSLT process/debug  v.2.2

(X)Emacs minor mode for XSLT processing and debugging.

Mtxslt - Multi-XSLT Ant Task  v.1.5

A task for the Apache "Ant" build system.

MyFMbutler FileMaker to vCal XSLT  v.1.2

Publish FileMaker events and to do's for use with iCal, Sunbird etc.

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